How to Participate

How to get to each area

  • By train or by car

  • By airplane

※This illustration shows the approximate travel time from major cities to Toyama, Takaoka, Kanazawa, Nomi, Komatsu, Sabae and Echizen.
※To get to the studios, please check the individual program pages on the STUDIO TOUR page or the TRAVELLERS MAP below.
※For detailed information about the Kogei Festivals, please check each Kogei festival’s website.


  • General

  • -There are dangerous machines and tools in the workshop, such as cutting machines, so please be careful.
    -People who are under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to participate.
    -Please wear clothes that won't get dirty and shoes that are easy to move around in.
    -Please follow the instructions of the staff in the workshop.
    -Please do not touch the equipment and products.
    -Please do not touch the equipment or products.
    -Please obtain permission from each studio before taking photographs.
    -Please take care not to make any noise as the venue is located in a residential area.
    -The organizer and each workshop will not be held responsible for any accidents, problems, injuries or infections that may occur at the venue.
    -If the event is cancelled at the discretion of the organizer, a full refund will be given to those who have already made a reservation.
    -In the event that the event is cancelled at the discretion of the organizer, full refund will be given to those who have already made reservations. We do not accept cancellations or refunds after the cancellation deadline for each program.

  • About the new coronavirus

  • We will not be responsible for any problems or problems related to infection. It is your responsibility to take the following health and infection prevention measures on your own. Please check the website of each festival for the measures to be taken at each festival.

    ✓Please refrain from coming to the festival in the following circumstances
    -Visitors with symptoms of fever, cold or taste disorder
    -Customers who are not feeling well
    -Customers who have visited a country or region where the infection has continued to spread within the past two weeks
    -Please wear a mask, and disinfect your hands.

    ✓Precautionary measures taken by studios -The areas that customers can touch are cleaned with antiseptic solutions.
    -All customer service staff wear masks and wash their hands frequently to disinfect their hands and take care of their physical condition.
    -We will increase the amount of outside air intake and adequate ventilation to the extent possible.
    -We will increase the amount of outdoor air intake and provide sufficient ventilation.

Meaning of the pictograms related to barrier-free equipment

  • There's a handicapped parking lot.

  • There is a ramp at the entrance of the building to eliminate steps, or there are no steps and the building is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

  • There's an elevator.

  • Accessible to wheelchair users (easy to do)
    It's equipped with a toilet.

  • Able to communicate in writing using pen and paper to communicate with each other in writing (Japanese)

  • Follow-up with the visually impaired is possible.