Toyama glass studio

■Design and Create Your Own Blown Glass!

Workshop participants made glass with Toyama Glass Studio’s original colors Koshi no Ao [“beyond blue”] and Koshi no Hisui [“beyond jade”], along with gold and silver foil. With the consultation of the workshop’s glass artists, participants blew their own uniquely designed glasses, vases, small bowls and more.


Date and time: September 19-22, 2020 (10:00-16:00)
Price : 3,300 yen (tax included), excluding shipping
Capacity : 25 people
Experience time : 1 hour to 3 hours
Registration deadline: 2 days before the date of the event (to register or cancel, please call the number below)
Cancellation deadline: up to one day before the date of the event


The work will be delivered after one week. (Shipping costs not included). There are a workshop, store and cafe in a separate building.

■Toyama Glass Studio

Toyama Glass Studio is the base of activity for glass artists. In addition to the production studio and the exhibition and sale of works by artists from all over the country, the studio offers a variety of hands-on programs for the general public. The workshop menu mainly focuses on making blown glass, single-flower vases, small bowls, and paperweights, etc. You can design and create your own original works of art with the artist (first-grade students and above can apply). There is also a cafe where you can use the artist’s glassware.


Tel : 076-436-2600 <Production Studio and Shop>

076-435-3322 <Workshop Studio>
Business Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: New Year’s Day
Access: <Production Studio, Shop>152 Furusawa, Toyama 930-0151, Toyama
<Experience Studio 2 (Kobo 2)> 85 Nishikanaya, Toyama 930-0143, Toyama
[Bus]From JR “Toyama Station”, take the Toyama Chitetsu Bus [16] Tomidai Hospital Circulation Line “Family Park” and get off at the “Family Park” stop, about 5 minutes on foot.
Parking: 20 regular cars and large buses are allowed.



Please let us know in advance if anyone who needs support will be coming to the event.

Information for people with disabilities

  • 身体障害者用駐車場がある

  • 建物の入口に段差を解消するスロープがあるか、段差がなく車いすでも容易に利用が可能である

  • 車いすの方が利用できる(しやすい) トイレが備わっている

  • 紙やペン等を利用し、文字(日本語)を書いて意思を伝え合う筆談の対応ができる

  • 視覚障害者へのフォローが可能