Kutani Choemon / Keigo Kamide

■Admission to the Kama Matsuri & Studio Tour by Keigo Kamide

You are invited to visit the Kamide Choemon Kiln during the Kiln Festival and will be given the Studio Tour by Keigo Kamide, the sixth generation of the kiln. He will talk about his passion for Kutani pottery and the Kiln Festival while actually touching the work of the craftsmen.
At the Kiln Festival, there will be a Studio tours (no guided tours) and special sales of the kiln’s regular items, as well as popular limited edition items and “tamasaka items” that are produced during the production process. There will also be wonderful vendors’ tents.


Date and time: September 20, 2020 (14:00-14:30, doors open 13:00- close14:50), September 21, 2020 (14:00-14:30, doors open 13:00- close 14:50)
Price : 5,000 yen per person (includes 1,000 yen entrance ticket to the Kiln Festival. Also includes 800 yen discount ticket for the Kiln Festival and a souvenir)
Capacity: Limited to one pair (1-5 people)
Experience time : 30 minutes (the venue is open for admission from 13:00)
Application deadline : 3 days before the date of the event
Cancellation deadline : 3 days before the date of the event
(Please contact studiotour@goforkogei.com to cancel)


・Please wear a mask
・Follow the instructions of the staff
・Video and audio recording are not allowed This year, as a countermeasure against the spread of the new corona outbreak, we will be using the “complete reservation and changeover system”. Please note that entrance and exit times are fixed.
・Details of the festival will be provided by the Kamide Choemon Kiln Festival Executive Committee (kamamatsuri@choemon.com) to customers with reservations.

■Kutani Choemon / Keigo Kamide

It was founded in 1879 in Nomi-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture, the birthplace of Kutani Shozo, the founder of Kutani ware revival. The history of porcelain, which began in the Orient, is the backdrop for the production of kappo dinnerware, focusing on the handwork of craftsmen, line by line, with great care. Kutani ware with deep and vivid indigo dyeing and the ancient Kutani five colors (blue, yellow, purple, dark blue, and red) is classic, yet fresh and lively. Keigo Kamide, the sixth generation of the kiln, has been involved in many projects and developments together with craftsmen, and has introduced Kutani pottery to the modern world with his flexible ideas.


Tel : 0761-57-3344
Business hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and holidays
Access: Ho 65, Yoshimitsu-cho, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1123
Airplane: About 25 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport.

Train : About 20 minutes by car from JR “Komatsu” station, or about 10 minutes by car from JR “Nomi Neagari” station.
Parking: 15 cars