Kutani Ceramic Laboratory

■Throwing Clay on the Potter’s Wheel for Discovering Kutaniware

Using clay manufactured in the Ceramic Laboratory’s factory, the clay is molded on an electric wheel. Under the gentle guidance of a full-time craftsman, anyone can experience the process at ease. Another attraction is that even first-time ceramicists can make beautiful pieces.


Dates and times : September 19 and 22, 2020 (16:00-17:00)
Fee : 10,000 yen (tax included)
Capacity : 2 people
Experience time : 60 minutes
Application deadline : 7 days before the date of the event
Cancellation deadline : up to 3 days before the date of the event
(Please contact  studiotour@goforkogei.com to cancel)


Includes a tour of the studio. The staff will take care of the vessels you have made on the day, and finish and fire them. Please note that it will take a few days to send and deliver the pieces. Shipping and handling is included in the fee.

■Kutani Ceramic Laboratory

A cultural complex facility of Kutani pottery opened in 2019. There is also a space for the production of porcelain clay, the raw material for Kutani ware, a gallery, and an atelier space where visitors can experience pottery making. It introduces Kutani pottery in a comprehensive manner, from the production of raw materials for grinding Hanasaka pottery stone, which is quarried in Komatsu City, to the permanent exhibition where visitors can learn about the production process, to the exhibition of works by up-and-coming artists, and a tour of the studio by staff on request. The studio offers a wide range of fun for those who are familiar with pottery and those who wish to learn more.


Tel : 0761-48-4235
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (16:30 last admission)
Closed : Wednesdays and New Year’s Day
Access: A 91, Wakasugi-cho, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0832, Japan
Airplane: About 17 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport.
Train: About 10 minutes by car from JR Komatsu Station, east exit. About 15 minutes by rental bicycle from JR Komatsu station.
Car : About 5 minutes from Sasaki IC, National Route 8 (turn left at Wakasugi West stop on Route 360→turn left at Yoshitake East stop→go straight) From Komatsu IC on Hokuriku Expressway, it takes about 15 minutes (turn right at “Wakasugi West” on Route 360→turn left at “Yoshitake East”→go straight).
Parking: 50 cars


Wheelchair users should contact us in advance, as we can accommodate wheelchair users if they have a caregiver.

Information for people with disabilities

  • 身体障害者用駐車場がある

  • 建物の入口に段差を解消するスロープがあるか、段差がなく車いすでも容易に利用が可能である

  • 車いすの方が利用できる(しやすい) トイレが備わっている

  • 紙やペン等を利用し、文字(日本語)を書いて意思を伝え合う筆談の対応ができる