A modern Takaoka casting brand with a store in a townhouse in Kanayamachi. Using metal such as tin, copper, allminium, and brass to the work, they develop two lineups: “Interior style” lineup for furnitures and “Metalstyle” lineup for households goods. Both features minimalist designs and functionality that suits to modern lifestyles. Kanaya has been creating products which highlights the unique texture of metal which becomes more and more attractive with continued use.

Address: 2-5 Kanayamachi,Takaoka,Toyama 933-0841
TEL: 070-5630-2933
Opening Hours: 11:00~16:00
Closed: Irregular (please contact us in advance)
Directions: 【By Train】 5 minutes by car from Takaoka Station on the Aino Kaze and Toyama Railway.
Parking: 2 standard size cars