Kaki Cabinet Maker

A handmade furniture workshop located at the foot of Mt. Tateyama. Utilizing the Traditional Japanese Crafts “Sashimono technique” (refers to the process of conjoining two pieces of wood together without the aid of nails), furnitures are made and measured precisely with exquisite in its finish. All of the furniture is oil-finished, giving it a beautiful shine and handcrafted warmth. Wide range of furniture that have been used for over 30 years are exhibited in the showroom. You can also enjoy seeing the dramatic yet beautiful colour transformation of wood. Enjoy the best of both worlds by visiting the café here, relaxe and take your time seeping into nature’s beauty.

Address: 2-3 Motomiya, Awasuno, Toyama-shi,Toyama 930-1451
TEL : 076-482-1433
WEB: http://www.coneltogei.com
Opening Hours: Studio 8:30〜18:00 / Cafe 10:00-17:00and Thursdays (reservation required)
Closed: Mondays
Directions: 【By Train】5 minutes by car from Tateyama Station on the Toyama Regional Railway.
Parking: 10 standard-sized parking lots.