Inoue Tokumokkou

Inoue Tokumokkou has been working with variety of woodworking products that make use of the ancient craftsmanship technique “Kaku mono” Japanese wood joinery, mainly found in constructing the boxes of Echizen lacquerware. Inoue Tokumokkou takes pride in using these traditional techniques to make exquisite products with beauty and fascinating joint attachment to bare wood. In recent years, they have also produced round trays and oval trays using a bent ring process. It is a field that many have neglected. Giving a new image transformation, these latest design have been re-presented in a new identity that the beauty of the craft was once hidden.

Address: 26-19 Kawadacho, Sabae, Fukui 916-1222
TEL: 0778-65-0338
Opening Hours: 8:00~12:00 13:00~17:00
Closed: The 2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays
Directions: 【By Train】About 15 minutes by car from Sabae Station on the JR line. 【By Car】10 minutes by car from the Sabae IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.
Parking: 10 standard size cars, no large buses