Casting Studio Risaburo

In Kanayacho, Takaoka City, where there are many copperware makers the founder of Risaburo created the oldest production technique, Sogatai Mono “Two-Type Casting” about 150 years ago. Since then, in a quaint townhouse’s workshop, the studio produces a wide range of tea utensils and modern accessories, handcrafting each one while adding newness to traditional techniques.

Address: 8-1-1 Kanaya-cho,Takaoka,Toyama 933-0841
TEL: 0766-24-0852
Opening Hours: 10:00~18:00
Closed: Every Fourth Sundays
Directions: 【By Car】 About 10 minutes from the Takaoka IC on the Noshi Expressway. On foot】 About 15 minutes from Takaoka Station on the Aino Kaze Toyama Railway.
Parking: Available (3 lots in conjunction with the Yuzura restaurant)