Kanazawa Machiya Craftsman Studio Higashiyama / Be clothed blue Tomomi Hirota

Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Tomomi Hirota started her career as a dyeing artist in 2014 as “ Be Clothed blue”. The yarn is spun from raw cotton by hand-spinning, and the indigo blue dyed from Tokushima is naturally fermented. The yarn is dyed and later hand-woven into a cloth. Tomomi Hirota emphasis her work carried out by hand, and have carefully created lifestyle items like mufflers, scarves and other daily necessities.

Address: 2-1-21 Higashiyama,Kanazawa,Ishikawa 920-0831
Opening Hours: 11:00~18:00
Closed: Irregular
Directions: 【By Bus】 From Kanazawa Station on the JR Yamanote Line, take the Hokutetsu Kanazawa Bus or the Shirokamachi Kanazawa Shuttle Bus or the West Japan Railway Bus at Hashiba-cho (Higashi, Chikei-cho Chayamachi), and walk north for about 5 minutes.
Parking: 1 standard size car