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Purpose of The Collaboration

Shito Rei is a photojournalist who has spent years introducing street style and the newest trends in fashion. Shito discovers and photographs people on the street who express themselves through their fashion—wearing what they like, how they like it. Her posts on social media communicate the vitality of the contemporary fashion scene. For this collaboration, Shito teamed up with lacquer artist Takahashi Yuma, providing antique plates for Takahashi to redecorate with lacquer. Takahashi specializes in kawari nuri lacquerware, a broad category of versatile alternative lacquer techniques. He utilizes the unique properties of lacquer to decorate objects such as skateboards, chairs, and lighters. His works are marked by his unconventional approach and sense of color.

Shito is a top Japanese street style photographer and fashion journalist. She was born in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, and currently lives in Tokyo. Shito is a graduate of Waseda University.

Shito Rei,
Style on the Street:
From Tokyo and Beyond, Rizzoli, 2020

Takahashi Yuma

Photo: Shikama Kohei

Born in 1988 in Tokyo, Takahashi currently lives in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Takahashi’s works explore the interactions and boundaries between self and nature (lacquer). His art expresses elements of the natural world while highlighting the unique qualities of lacquer, which become apparent through the application of repeated layers. Utensils gain character through wear and age, and Takahashi’s works are created with the understanding that only years of use can bring them to completion.

Lacquer on skateboard|Kawari nuri lacquer