More than words: “We’re never going down!!”
Behind-the-scenes interview with Renew 2020


Now in it’s sixth year, the crafts production festival, Renew, began in 2015.

Beginning in the Kawada district of Sabae City, a production center for Echizen lacquerware, Renew now has seventy-six establishments participating within seven such production areas, including for Echizen lacquerware, Echizen washi (Japanese paper), Echizen knives, Echizen chests, Echizen pottery, eyeglasses, and textiles, and the festival continues to expand and update. Renew is a spirited festival connecting the concentrated kogei production areas of the Tannan area in Fukui to create a steady flow of people. It has become an indispensable part of Fukui Prefecture.


In this year, 2020, despite the pandemic, the event was held on site for three days, from October 9th to 11th, with the slogan, “Kutabatte Tamaru ka!” [“We’re never going down!!”], along with online content. The total number of visitors was about 32,000. Workshops, studio tours, talk events, and the like were held at each venue, with conversations held in real time.


After reporting locally, I interviewed those working behind the scenes as part of the change to our online content due to the pandemic. For this interview, I reported on the state of operations under such a difficult situation.


What we saw there was a solid movement that moved people, things, events, and communities.


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