“GO FOR KOGEI – Realize the Potential of Japanese Crafts in Hokuriku”, which will be held for the first time in the three prefectures of Hokuriku in 2020, will host “STUDIO TOURs” and “6 Craft Festivals & Art Fairs” at 16 studios in 7 cities, with the dates of “August 29 (Sat.) – November 15 (Sun.) + Online.”

Starting with the “Millennium Future Craft Festival” on August 29 and 30 (Saturday and Sunday) in Fukui Prefecture, the “STUDIO TOUR” will be held in 16 studios in three prefectures in Hokuriku from September 19 (Saturday) to 22 (Tuesday and public holiday), the “RENEW” (Fukui Prefecture), “Takaoka Craft Icbiba-machi” (Toyama Prefecture) and other craft festivals from October, and the “KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2020” (Ishikawa Prefecture) from November.

In the current era of new standards and changing lifestyles, we will deliver from Hokuriku the diverse possibilities of  crafts, including new ways to enjoy them.



Workshop tour and production experience

September 19 (Sat.) to September 22 (Tue.), 2020, 16 studios in three prefectures in Hokuriku

Please note that the method of observation and experience differs from workshop to workshop, either real or online.


<Six Crafts Festivals & Art Fairs>

Millennium Future Craft Festival

August 29 (Sat.), Online

August 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), 2020, Special Studio: Takefu Knife Village


Glass Festa

October 3 (Sat.) and 4 (Sun.), Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture



October 9 (Fri.) – 11 (Sun.), Sabae City, Echizen City and Echizen Town, Fukui/Online


Kanazawa 21st Century Craft Festival

October 10 (Sat.) – November 15 (Sun.), Kanazawa, Ishikawa/online


Takaoka Craft Ichiba-machi

October 17 (Sat.) – 25 (Sun.), Online



October 24 (Sat.) – December 20 (Sun.), Online


Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa 2020

November 13 (Fri.) – December 18 (Fri.), Online