Kanazawa Art Space Link Opens


One of the programs of the 21st Century Crafts Festival in Kanazawa, which started on Saturday, October 10, is the “Art Space Link,” which connects art spaces scattered around Kanazawa City and its suburbs. This year’s art fair will be held at Kanazawa Art Gumi from October 31 (Saturday) to November 15 (Sunday). This year, there is a project to pick up artworks from different art spaces and enjoy the strangeness of the combination called “Gift Set”.


ASL Giftset
“A house is made up of people and things. We can say that the “self” is condensed not only in our thoughts and bodies, but also in the many things we own and the space in which they are contained. Now that we spend more and more time at home, why don’t we try to get acquainted with new things that are not only practical but also fun to look at, meaningless but lovable, and simple? From each of the 18 art spaces in Kanazawa, we propose six sets of small art pieces to share the space. We hope you will find something here that will make you happy every time you see it.”


This year, let’s tour the alleys of Kanazawa with a pamphlet in hand, in the spirit of treasure hunting!



Participating spaces: Gallery Toneriko, Galleria Ponte, Kapo, Kanazawa Art Gumi, Gallery Muku, Enkou, Yamanoue Gallery, Lumparumpa, As baku B, Geishuku, THE ROOM BELOW, A.SPACE, ArtShop Tsukiei, atelier & gallery creava, Genra SPACE, ArtShop Gekiei, atelier & gallery creava, Genra, Gallery Hiiro, SKLo, Story Continuation.