Takaoka Craft Market
@Takaoka, Toyama

2020.09.19 sat09.22 tue
(subject to change)


An integrated craft event in the heart of Takaoka City
Through the city’s continued focus on crafts that embrace industrial techniques and modern lifestyles, Takaoka is becoming a center of crafts and a point of pride for Japan.
Discover Takaoka’s charm through shopping, dining, and experiencing the city.

Glass Festival
@Toyama City, Toyama

2020.08.29 sat08.30 sun


An open civic event held by Toyama Glass Studio as a “grand summer thanksgiving festival” During this two-day festival, cheer on your favorite professional hand-blown glass artist as they compete during the TGS Cup, attend free workshops on glass-blowing and sand-blasting, and shop an open-air glass market, among other activities.

Kanazawa 21st Century Kogei Festival
@Kanazawa, Ishikawa

2020.10.09 fri11.08 sun
(subject to change)


Have fun with Kogei
held in Kanazawa, “the city of crafts”

Experience Kanazawa through Kogei across five main events:Shuzen Shokusai: a premium feast of fine dining plated on Kogei ware Kogei Kairo: explore the city’s traditional townhouses as they exhibit Kogei art Mirai Chakai: the Japanese tea ceremony, past and future Mirai Kogei-bu: “Tomorrow’s Kogei Club” fosters the future masters among today’s children Art Space Link: an art fair connecting the city’s many private galleries and art spaces

Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa
@Kanazawa, Ishikawa

2020.11.13 fri11.15 sun


The only art fair in Japan specializing in Kogei, the Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa aims to showcase its modern visual appeal and value.
Galleries within and outside of Japan gather in one of the world’s leading craft cities, showcasing great artists from all levels of prominence.

@Nomi and Komatsu Cities, Ishikawa

2020.09.18 fri10.18 sun


This festival is a collaboration between the cities of Komatsu and Nomi, two leading producers of Kutani porcelain, one of Japan’s most representative traditional crafts.
A comprehensive art festival, this event will focus on various aspects of Kutani ceramics, including thoughts and philosophies that have been handed down through ages, the many blessings from nature, and the values and aesthetics of each generation.

@Sabae City, Echizen City, and Echizen Town; Fukui

2020.10.09 fri10.11 sun



Millennials, meet the Masters.
Connect with creators through this experience-based fair of “see, learn, do.”
Tours of ateliers and studios, aimed at building sustainable communities, will be held in Sabae City, Echizen City, and Echizen Town in Fukui Prefecture.
Studios and businesses will open simultaneously, allowing you to select pieces of your own while intimately understanding the production of seven kinds of Kogei: Echizen lacquerware, handmade Echizen paper, Echizen knives, Echizen chests, Echizen wares, spectacles, and fabrics.

1000 Nen Mirai Kogei Festival
@Echizen City, Fukui

2020.08.29 sat08.30 sun
(subject to change)


Linking people, crafts and communities; the past, present, and future; this Kogei festival allows you to experience Japanese crafts through all five senses “beyond space and time.”
The event aims to give today’s youth a personal experience with techniques, products, and artists and to provide an opportunity to ignite a passion for Kogei in the next generation.
“Kogei 1000 Years in the Future” hopes to spread Kogei without borders or limitations of time from the world-class craft producers of Echizen.