Realize the Potential of Japanese Crafts in Hokuriku

Kogei hails from the Hokuriku region,
a major center of craftsmanship, in central Japan,
where Japanese crafts are elevated to art and design.
And we want to share it with the world.

Through techniques developed over centuries,
Kogei brings out the best of natural materials,
making it as relevant today as it was so long ago.

Using indigenous materials conserves energy and resources
while at the same time contributing to the local economies.
The artists’ tools are such an example.
Cherishing durable instruments for a lifetime lesses wasted
resources and creates connections with people,
including other artisans and clients.
The philosophy, wisdom, and ingenuity found
in Kogei brings new insights for sustainability
as we enter a new era.

With an eye on such possibilities,
Hokuriku elevates the spirit of Kogei to
that of art and design. Sharing Kogei
in Japan’s heartland of craftsmanship,
that is, GO FOR KOGEI

Our goal is to provide both a broad and
deep understanding of Kogei for guests
from around Japan and the entire world
who would visit Hokuriku in search of Japanese crafts.


Exhibitions at 6 locations
“A World of Voices: Today’s Art, Craft, Design”

2020.08.29 sat11.15 sun


We are honored to have as our curator Yuji Akimoto, former director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and currently a director and professor at the University Art Museum of the Tokyo University of the Arts. Exhibitions will be held at six locations in three prefectures simultaneously, each staged at historical and architecturally important locations representative of the Hokuriku area (the remaining 4 locations will be announced soon). We’ll highlight Kogei’s possibilities to the world, featuring a range of creators, from the up-and-coming to the world-renowned, all of whom are pushing the boundaries of Kogei into the realm of art and design.

100 Studio & Workshop Tours to meet
Artists and Artisans

2020.08.29 sat11.15 sun


We’ll host hands-on visits and tours of 100 ateliers and studios across 3 prefectures where you can meet both established artists and tomorrow’s innovators (the remaining 70 studios will be announced soon).
Enjoy an exclusive chance to practice craft firsthand at workshops, including lacquerware, ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, glasswork, and textiles.

6 Kogei Festivals and the Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa

2020.08.29 sat11.15 sun


Six Japanese craft festivals, and the only art fair specializing in Kogei, will be held throughout Hokuriku during “GO FOR KOGEI”
Steeped in culture and tradition and nurtured by the beauty of the Japanese Alps and the Sea of Japan, Hokuriku is packed with new experiences and events as Kogei expands into the worlds of art and design.
Behold the breadth and depth of Kogei today.

Spawn Innovative Creations from Japanese Crafts

2020.08.29 sat08.30 sun

2020.11.07 sat11.08 sun


Coined from a combination of “hack” and “marathon,” hackathons are typically competitions between teams composed of people with various expertise, to make a problem-solving proposal in a short period of time. In the Kogei Hackathon, teams of artisans from Hokuriku, designers, engineers, and scientists will work to spawn innovative creations from Japanese crafting techniques.