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Special Exhibition

Exhibition Highlights

A diverse showing of 20 upcoming and established artists

active in the fields of craft, contemporary art, and art brut.

Site-specific art displayed in the buildings, gardens,

and natural spaces of historical temples and shrines.

An exploration of diverse value systems surrounding

craft and contemporary art, as seen through the interactions

and creative potential of material-process relationships

that transcend the boundaries of genre.

Participating Artists

  • Fukumoto Shihoko,
  • Hashimoto Masaya,
  • Hosoo Masataka,
  • Inoue Yui,
  • Irisawa Taku,
  • Kamae Kazumi,
  • Kashio Satomi,
  • Kawai Yumiko,
  • Komoriya Akira,
  • Kondo Nanase,
  • Konoike Tomoko,
  • Kosogawa Runa,
  • Miyaki Ana,
  • Nara Yuki,
  • Niisato Akio,
  • Ogasawara Shin,
  • Roppongi Yurika,
  • Sago Michiko,
  • Ukai Kohei,
  • Yoshida Shinichiro.

2022 Special Exhibition

The Act of Making: Intersections of Region, Lifestyle, and Faith is a sequel to last year’s exhibition, The Future of Craft Aesthetics: Kogei, Contemporary Art, and Art Brut, which explored the relationship and creative potential of materials and processes that transcend the boundaries of genre. This year’s exhibition explores the uses and techniques surrounding a diverse range of materials, including fibers, textiles, ceramics, lacquer, metal, wood, and paper, recontextualizing them within the broader scope of “the act of making” as seen through the creative endeavors of the participating artists.

Artists by material and theme are as follows: Works by Kashio Satomi, Kawai Yumiko, Komoriya Akira, Fukumoto Shihoko, Hosoo Masataka, and Yoshida Shinichiro demonstrate the diverse, expressive possibilities of fibers and textiles. Kondo Nanase, Nara Yuki, and Niisato Akio use pottery and metalworking techniques typical of craft traditions to produce hybrid works that challenge established genres. The art of Inoue Yui, Ukai Kohei, and Sago Michiko pushes the boundaries of craft expression while engaging with material and place. Konoike Tomoko, Hashimoto Masaya, and Roppongi Yurika establish new narratives surrounding region and history, fashioning them into works of art. Pieces by Kosogawa Runa and Miyaki Ana express the interrelations of material, world, self, and other through the mediation of the body and human existence. Irisawa Taku, Kamae Kazumi, and Ogasawara Shin explore expression from the perspective of “play,” transcending the question of technique and antitechnique to render such frameworks irrelevant.

Exhibition visitors can enjoy site-specific art displayed in the buildings, gardens, and natural spaces of prominent temples and shrines in Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui Prefectures.

Go for Kogei Special Exhibitions Curator

Akimoto Yuji

Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts, Director of Nerima Art Museum

Exhibition Overview

Curation Akimoto Yuji
Takayama Kentaro
Site Design Suo Takashi
Dates September 17 (Saturday) – October 23 (Sunday), 2022
Holidays None. The exhibition will be open every day for the dates above.
Hours 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
*Natadera Temple Hours: 9:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
*Last admission: 30 minutes before closing
Venues Shokoji Temple (17-1 Fushiki Furukokufu, Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture),
Natadera Temple (Yu-122, Natamachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture),
Otaki-Okamoto Shrines(13-1 Otakicho, Echizen, Fukui Prefecture)
Admission Event Passport
Advance Purchase ¥1,800
At the Door ¥2,000

Event Passport
Shokoji Temple ¥1,200
Natadera Temple ¥1,200
Otaki-Okamoto Shrines ¥500