ABOUT New Perspectives
on Craft
from Hokuriku
Go for Kogei is a celebration of craft (kogei) in the Hokuriku region. Held annually since 2020, the event juxtaposes craft with the adjacent genres of contemporary art, art brut, and design to highlight the rich and multivarious forms of expression obscured by the conventional label of “craft.”

Before the introduction of the modern term kogei in the late nineteenth century, Japanese culture did not recognize a division between “fine art” and “craft.” Rather, aesthetic objects and their manufacture constituted a broader category. Bearing this history in mind, Go for Kogei seeks to challenge and update the conversation surrounding craft by highlighting new and contemporary forms of craft-based expression. The event is set in Hokuriku, a region known for its many longstanding craft traditions.
Kubo Hiroko, Mountain Dogs, 2023. Installation view from Go for kogei 2023 at Fugan Canal Kansui Park, Toyama, 2023. Photo: Watanabe Osamu
THEME Craft and Art:
for Life
Go for Kogei 2024 features works by an exciting cast of craftspeople, designers, and artists. This year’s exhibition presents visitors with a nuanced view of the adjacent fields of contemporary craft and art, placing a renewed emphasis on material, technique, utility, and expression—the defining characteristics of modern crafts. The exhibition consists of multiple venues in two areas: the Iwase Area (Toyama), which was featured in last year’s exhibition, and the Higashiyama Area (Kanazawa), which is a new addition. Unlike a neutral museum environment, both areas are defined by traditional cityscapes that reflect the daily lives of residents. By inserting contemporary craft and art into this milieu, the exhibition transforms the familiar landscapes of each district.

The Iwase Area offers visitors a chance to enjoy local sake and food alongside site-specific installations that play off the district’s unique architecture and scenery. Meanwhile, the Higashiyama Area plumbs the depths of this year’s theme of “Craft and Art: Philosophies for Life,” featuring event programs that build off of Go for Kogei’s 2021 project Craft and Design: Kogei in Daily Life. Visitors can witness how works of craft, which usually exist in the miscellaneous spaces of daily life—mingling with light, weather, scent, and sound—can transcend ornamentation to meld with the life of the city, appearing as social objects with new value and meaning.
Mori Yoshitaka × Toyama Glass Studio, Atsumaru ( “Gather” ) Glass Drink Set, 2021. Installation view from Go for kogei 2021 at Noetica, Ishikawa, 2021. Photo: Katano Masahiro
Akagi Akito & Otani Momoko, Ino Ichizo, Ishiwata Yui, Isoya Hirofumi, Iwamura En, Iwasaki Tsutomu, Kakinuma Koji, Kawai Masaru & Tsukamoto Yoshiki, Matsuyama Tomokazu, Miura Shiro & En-Kai Project, Sareena Sattapon, Sawada Kensho, Shakunaga Gaku, Sotome Haruka, Takemata Yuichi & Oniki Koichiro, Tatehana Noritaka, Toyama Kazuhiro, Yagi Takahiro, Yasuda Taizo (Japanese names given in customary order, surname first)
TOYAMA Iwase Area
(Toyama, Toyama Prefecture)
Iwase is located 15 minutes north of Toyama Station by car. In recent years, Masuda Sake Brewery has spearheaded an effort to revitalize Iwase through gastronomy and craft, enriching the district while preserving the aesthetic sensibility of Iwase’s beautiful historical cityscape, which originally flourished as a port-of-call on the Kitamaebune sea route. The Iwase Area exhibition highlights the surprising breadth of contemporary craft, presenting visitors with site-specific installations by craftspeople and contemporary artists. Visitors can discover new landscapes created by the interaction of historical architecture and expressive works of craft and contemporary art.
Photo: Watanabe Osamu
KANAZAWA Higashiyama Area
(Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Higashiyama is home to the Higashi Chaya teahouse district, one of Kanazawa’s most popular destinations. It is said that countless artisan workshops once lined the back alleys of the district’s atmospheric streets. Today, the hidden cafes and galleries scattered among the district’s historical neighborhoods offer glimpses of a lifestyle still intimately tied to craft. The Higashiyama Area exhibition features special displays and event programming. Visitors can interact with craft objects and experience first-hand how crafts can stimulate and enrich everyday life.
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Exhibition Dates: September 14–October 20, 2024
Hours: 10:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (last admission 4:00 p.m.)
Venues: Iwase Area (Toyama, Toyama Prefecture) & Higashiyama Area (Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Organizers: NPO Syuto Kanazawa; Japan Arts Council; Agency for Cultural Affairs
Co-organizers: Toyama Prefecture; Toyama City
Support: West Japan Railway Company; Ishikawa Prefecture; Kanazawa City
2024 Japan Cultural Expo 2.0 Program (Commission)